Monday, December 12, 2011

Low Carbohydrate Diets will save your life!

I feel like shouting this information from the rooftops, kicking the media, and shoving it down the throats of general medicine and dieticians. This is not up for debate at this stage of the research.....high carbohydrate diets are killing Americans.
Don't let the healthy, whole grain, all fruit smoothie marketers mislead you anymore. All carbohydrates...breads, rice, smoothies, sweets and treats, milk, etc.. turn to simple sugars in the body. Only a small amount of these sugars can be used in the brain and stored in the muscles, all the rest turns into fat!!!! Consider the health food stalwart Grape-nuts. With 47 grams of carbs per half cup, take away 5 grams of dietary fiber, add a few grams of carbs with your milk, maybe a glass of OJ at 20+ grams of carbs, and you have had a "healthy" breakfast that has more sugar than a milkshake or a donut and is guaranteed to add fat to your body. And who eats just a 1/2 cup of cereal. Now imagine following that up with a latte at 20+ grams of carbs, then a typical lunch...two slices whole grain bread with filling 40 grams of carbs, chips 25 grams of carbs, if you stick to one portion size, maybe a piece of fruit 15 grams of carbs, god-forbid a real soda at 39 grams of carbs per can. I am describing what many people would condsider generally healthy eating and you have ingested nearly twice the carbs you should have safely in an entire day...and you have not even had your afternoon snack yet.
Please read the following article comparing low carb calorie restriction for reducing cancer risk and encouraging weight loss vs. calorie restriction alone. There are many, many other studies like this! Don't let the marketing fool you any longer.