Monday, December 12, 2011

Low Carbohydrate Diets will save your life!

I feel like shouting this information from the rooftops, kicking the media, and shoving it down the throats of general medicine and dieticians. This is not up for debate at this stage of the research.....high carbohydrate diets are killing Americans.
Don't let the healthy, whole grain, all fruit smoothie marketers mislead you anymore. All carbohydrates...breads, rice, smoothies, sweets and treats, milk, etc.. turn to simple sugars in the body. Only a small amount of these sugars can be used in the brain and stored in the muscles, all the rest turns into fat!!!! Consider the health food stalwart Grape-nuts. With 47 grams of carbs per half cup, take away 5 grams of dietary fiber, add a few grams of carbs with your milk, maybe a glass of OJ at 20+ grams of carbs, and you have had a "healthy" breakfast that has more sugar than a milkshake or a donut and is guaranteed to add fat to your body. And who eats just a 1/2 cup of cereal. Now imagine following that up with a latte at 20+ grams of carbs, then a typical lunch...two slices whole grain bread with filling 40 grams of carbs, chips 25 grams of carbs, if you stick to one portion size, maybe a piece of fruit 15 grams of carbs, god-forbid a real soda at 39 grams of carbs per can. I am describing what many people would condsider generally healthy eating and you have ingested nearly twice the carbs you should have safely in an entire day...and you have not even had your afternoon snack yet.
Please read the following article comparing low carb calorie restriction for reducing cancer risk and encouraging weight loss vs. calorie restriction alone. There are many, many other studies like this! Don't let the marketing fool you any longer.

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

Who could say it better than Deepak Chopra

The attached article is absolutely fabulous for its forthright explanation of the epidemic of back pain in our country. The huge increase in expenditures for advanced imaging, prescription painkillers, and surgeries have not paid off. They have left us with dramatically increased prescription drug addiction and continued suffering.

There is no longer any doubt.....conservative care and prevention are the only prescription you need for health.

Monday, May 30, 2011

Avoiding back pain in the car - Medicine Net article

In addition to this advice, take a look at your posture. If you have deviations from normal - see previous posture blogs - be sure you are not exacerbating the problem.

If you have a shift or translation to the right in your posture, don't lean on the console. Instead lean on the driver's side door.

If you have hip pain, don't let your gas pedal leg twist and contort for long periods of time. Take the time to adjust your seat to an appropriate position.

Don't overlook the power of ICING while on the road. Remember your ice packs and you will virtually guarantee a pain free arrival.

Finally, ask your Chiropractor to take a look at your driving set-up critically, taking your individual posture into account. We never mind stepping out of the office a minute to do this. We want our patients to have a great summer road trip.........or really, just commute pain-free.

Monday, May 2, 2011

Don't trust your health to your health to prevention! WSJ -article on drug companies bribery

Drug maker Eli Lilly & Co. is in advanced discussions with the SEC to resolve an investigation into potential violations of a U.S. law prohibiting bribery of foreign officials, the company said.

The Indianapolis-based company's disclosure...comes three weeks after health-care giant Johnson and Johnson agreed to pay more than 70 million to settle U.S. and U.K. allegations that it paid bribes to doctors in three European countries, as well as kickbacks to Iraq to illegally obtain business under former leader Saddam Hussein.

U.S. authorities have stepped up enforcement of the Foreign Corrupt Practices Act, which bars U.S. companies from bribing foreign officials to obtain or retain business.

Monday, February 28, 2011

Being healthy is a revolutionary act!
I am disgusted by the dietary mis-information in our society and feel it is negatively impacting our kids. I believe the public's confusion is because they are not aware that there are two main camps in the diet industry, both trying to influence government policy. There are the American Dietetic Association who have the calorie in-calorie out, check and balance ideology, along with the low fat, low calorie approach to diet they espouse. On the other hand are the low carb diets of various types; high protien, high fat, high protein-high fat, adequate protein-low glycemic, etc.... After extensive reading for my own edification and to care for my children, I am fully on the side of the low carb diet and low carb lifestyle! The low fat, low calorie craze is clearly not working with more than 60% of our population overweight and obese, but more importantly, it leaves too much room for confusion about what is healthy. The labels of many incredibly unhealthy foods are massaged into being full of low-fat, whole grain goodness. In reality, kids and adults should have 15-20gr of protein with every meal, fill half their plates with vegetables, include no more than 1o0 -120 gr of carbohydrates per day (no more than 40 gr per meal, preferably from fruit, high fiber, and whole grain sources), and don't worry about fat, except trans-fat. If this diet is combined with moderate exercise 3-4 times per week it is a recipe for a healthy life. And from now on, when McDonalds is trying to sell you on an All Fruit Smoothie with 75gr of carbs, choose the Ice Cream cone instead. It has one third the sugar, more protein, and at least they know they are getting a treat. By the way, those carbs are most of what kids would need in an entire day. This is not about kids getting fat, it much more serious. Due to obesity, our children are the first generation that may not live as long as their parents. I hope this has piqued your curiosity enough to do a little more reading.

Friday, February 4, 2011

Three causes of your neck and back pain and how to prevent them.

Increased curve in the upper back: This position can cause everything from neck pain and headaches to upper back pain, lower back pain, decreased respiratory capacity (you like to breathe, right?), and shoulder, arm, and wrist problems. Overall, individuals with this posture suffer from lowered energy or fatigue. This posture is absolutely preventable or correctable in most people. You can start by avoiding slouching; your ear should always be aligned over your shoulder and your shoulder over your hip. Then you can move into stretching the upper back frequently; including lying backward on an exercise ball, stretching your chest by holding onto a door frame and letting your body pass through, and working your core to keep better alignment. Avoid or look for alternative positions in activities involving significant amounts of flexion. Maybe you could read a book or work your laptop lying on your stomach. Perhaps position your car seat so that your head is in constant contact with the head rest. These small changes can have big benefits over your lifetime.

2) Translation to the side: This position results in the normal center of gravity shifting over to one side. Often it is accompanied by sharp pain right above the hip on the side you shift toward, and you may also experience tightness and muscle spasms on the side you are shifted away from, as those muscles go into overdrive trying to pull you back to center. The long term consequences include increased weight-bearing and wear down through the hip and knee on one side, reduced capacity for rotation, and decreasing balance. Though this position may be due to auto accidents or injuries, long term one-sided sports conditioning, asymmetrical work duties such as working at a grocery store and always shifting over to grab items, or even receptionists who hold the phone to one ear can create these abnormal chronic postures. You will need professional help to correct this but can attempt to mitigate the damages by paying careful attention to your form when working out, working, and doing one-sided activities like shoveling or raking. When possible, always attempt to work both sides of your body equally.

3) Anterior head carriage: Just as holding a bowling ball close to your chest is much easier than holding it away from your body, your muscles struggle to hold your head upright when it juts forward. This position fatigues your muscles, causes headaches, and limits your ability to breathe deeply. Avoid this condition by keeping your ears over your shoulders. Common contributors include; sleeping with too many pillows, poor computer work position, and slumping during your commute.