Wednesday, November 10, 2010

5 simple ways to help your child avoid backpack related injuries. Banic Chiropractic Clinic

In a recent study, 84% of children reported discomfort and pain in the shoulders, lower back, upper back and neck from using a backpack. Injuries and bad habits from childhood can set one up for a lifetime of back pain. Here are 5 simple ways to help your child avoid backpack related injuries.

1. Buy the smallest pack that will fit the items to be carried and the child.

2. Backpacks should carry no more than 15% of the child’s body weight. For the average child, in the 40 to 100 lb. weight range, that is only 6 to 15 lbs. of load. A single text book weighs 4lbs.

3. The weight should be as close to the body as possible, stack the heavier items to the inside.

4. The backpack MUST be worn over both shoulders; cinch up the straps so the pack rests in the curve of the lower back, and use a waist belt if possible.

5. Putting the backpack on and taking it off are when most injuries occur. It is these same motions of lifting while bending and twisting that frequently injure adults. It is important to create healthy lifting habits while young.

a) The child should keep the pack as close to the body as possible when taking it on and off.

b) When lifting the pack, squat down and lift with the legs while keeping the back straight.

c) Putting in one shoulder while the pack is on the floor and then lifting and twisting the body simultaneously is a recipe for pain.

d) Dropping the pack back off both shoulders while arching the back is similarly risky.

Following these simple preventative strategies should help to keep your child on the path of wellness.

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Chiropractic adjustments are healthy for kids. Watch Video

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