Tuesday, July 27, 2010

"Common" low back pain procedure is anything but. NPR


This article is striking in that it describes what should be a totally uncommon procedure. They are basically recommending that with chronic back pain of HOW LONG duration I would wonder, they can just zap the nerves with a little radio frequency and zap you are better. They are talking about obliterating the nerves which are required to send signals to your brain that problems are occurring in the body. Your brain uses this information to fine tune motion and in many other ways. In addition, muscles around the spine can become atrophied with this procedure further reducing motion control thus increasing odds of injury. And also, damage in the sensory dorsal root ganglia can cause repetitive random firing in end organs and tissues those nerves supply. As always, I will say again, please try conservative chiropractic treatment before undergoing any surgical or permanent invasive procedure.